The Reason Why People Would Love To Buy Reborn Baby

The main reason people buy reborn dolls from companies such as VINAEN rather than regular baby dolls that can be found at toy stores is because of the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into making these collectable realistic dolls. The process behind creating a reborn doll is a long, complex procedure that involves a range of experts and lots of love and care.

Every VINAEN reborn doll begins with the creation of a unique master sculpt. Each little head is expertly sculpted by Artist’s from around the world and are created using a variety of mediums. Then, just like fine jewelry, the next step is to make a wax model, which is then developed into our first Master vinyl creation crafted out on one of our three exclusive vinyls; GentleTouch™, SoftTouch™ or FlexTouch™.

When the first master doll comes together, the head is outfitted with eyes, the vinyl is painted with blushing and those little detail touches of paint for the lower eye lashes and lips. Eye lashes are hand applied and the hair is painted, or the specified wig style is attached. Sometimes the hair may actually be rooted into the vinyl head.

Each little finger and toenail are painted in our signature baby French manicure technique and the cloth bodies are stuffed and weighted with a bean bag for a more realistic baby feel.

Outfits are designed around the doll’s personal theme and fitted to their specific body type. Unique accessories are developed to compliment or provide comfort to the baby doll.

The completed first concept doll is reviewed to ensure that we can introduce the best possible baby who is beautifully unique, and true to the artist’s original. Every VINAEN baby arrives in a gift box with our Certificate of Authenticity letting you know you’ve purchased a real VINAEN baby.


The beauty of the reborn world is that it is full of a wide variety of truly caring people. Our fan base ranges from young girls and boys learning to nurture through play, all the way up to Grandmas, Grandpas, seasoned doll collectors and everyone in between.

VINAEN started life as a collectable porcelain doll company, so many of our customers are doll enthusiasts who pride themselves on curating their own special collection of dolls. However, because of the emotional connections that are often made with a reborn doll, we are aware that some of our customers are purchasing the dolls for therapeutic reasons. These do include many mothers who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy or baby, as well as patients suffering the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia and anxiety. 


The benefits of our dolls vary from person to person, depending on the reasons behind their purchase, but the common thread is one of emotional connection and support. It is at the heart of human nature to want to show and receive affection and the realistic nature of our dolls help to recreate very nurturing situations that soothe and comfort many people.

The exclusive vinyl used to create our dolls smells like baby powder, and our artists spend hours crafting the dolls with realistic wrinkles and hand-painted features that mimic the human form of a newborn baby. Because of this realism, holding reborn dolls has been proven to release Oxytocin (the feel good hormone) in the same way as rocking a real baby does. This physical act provides immediate comfort and happiness for many of our customers. Our dolls also provide a tool for social interaction and have built many friendships within our online communities, which have blossomed into real life connections.

Our dolls also provide many benefits for children. Pretend play, especially with dolls, enriches children's lives and is an educational activity. Whether children are putting their doll in a cradle, dressing them up in a new outfit or pushing them in a stroller, playing with a doll can help develop gross motor skills, emotional understanding and even offer sibling training when a new baby is on the way. Our best seller doll, Sleeping Baby Carley, is particularly popular with children as it offers the benefits of extended play with the accessories that include a bottle, bib, blanket and plush toy. Children really can enjoy the pretend play and nurturing process.

VINAEN pride ourselves on the community that has been created from the shared love and apinaenpreciation of our reborn dolls. Our customers share cherished photos of their dolls with each other with pride, often swapping tips on how to dress the dolls and care for these delicate collectables. We have successfully created a family of reborn parents and babies through our online social communities and continue to unite people who are looking for companionship that goes beyond the dolls themselves.

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